Our ambition is to build delightful products.

Our mission is to reinvent and improve existing objects. We want to make timeless and stylish outdoor products that are creating coziness and can be used day and night. Their multifunctional use offers a solution for optimal use on smaller living spaces.

          Our dream is to become a global player in the outdoor market.

Solspiration is also the exclusive dealer of the Nomad Concept sails and canopies. We both aim to create delightful solutions for cozy outdoor moments.

Team work makes the dream work.

We are two young enthusiastic  entrepreneurs who always like to improve products. We are critical towards our work and like to be challenged. Over the past five years we’ve put a lot of effort and passion in building working prototypes, evolving into series production and commercializing our first product.

For Lin, being entrepreneurial means stepping out of her comfort zone and learning new skills (e.g. sewing, assembling,…) but also exploring patent law, building websites and initializing the first sales. 

Peter is always searching for (technical and design) solutions by experimenting with new materials, suppliers and production methods from a variety of sectors. Working in a start-up means for him to be critical and dare to start over but also investing a serious amount of time in drawing, CNC milling and assembling. 

Lin Bertels


Peter Mortelmans

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